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Glass Maiden

He’s an Old Fashioned P.I., but This Dame Ain’t Like Any Other Dame on the Planet! Shu’s a detective, the brooding, enigmatic type with an eye for the ladies. Together with his kid brother, Akira, and ‘the girls,’ Manami and Ayaka, he runs an investigative agency that takes on the odd case here and there. Okay, odder than usual, given that their main broker is a cross-dresser and their closest associate’s a doctor with a ‘thing’ about cosplay. And then the oddest case of all comes through: a ‘package’ intended for ‘delivery’ that turns out to be a lot more trouble than expected. You see, Shu’s always considered himself a quick study (he can see through most lies in a second) but when he goes head on with a girl who doesn’t even know who she is, he’ll be seeing through more than he ever imagined seeing through. Unfortunately, there are other people who want Sara back and they know a lot more about who, and what, she actually is than she does! Old fashioned detective work meets the latest in modern weapons technology as sci-fi meets private eye in GLASS MAIDEN!


Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Episode 1

Shu is the owner of S&A Detective Agency, and he has been hired for a big case. Unfortunately, his love for the ladies makes him difficult to find at times. Shu's apprentice detectives try to handle the case themselves and wind up in a gun fight. Luckily, Shu shows up just in time.  

Episode 2: Episode 2

Porilyn has ordered Shu to protect the blonde woman he picked up, but she isn’t looking too good. She has such a high fever that she makes everyone around her start to feel hot. Luckily for Shu, his detective agency is located just above Happy Clinic, where a cosplay loving nurse and a perverted doctor work. Doc does a check-up and discovers that it’s a miracle the woman is still alive. He thinks that she has been given a strange steroid, and the fever is one of its side effects.

Episode 3: Episode 3

Manami’s high school friend, Yuko, has gone missing. With a music producer interested in hiring Yuko and her brother Seiji, Manami has to hurry and find her friend fast. Rags Town might come across as a small town, but it can seem monstrously big when searching for someone.   While Manami and Ayaka are desperately searching for Yuko, Shu decides to check out the waste disposal facility.

Episode 4: Episode 4

Ayaka sees Sara gasping in pain on the roof of their building. Her arm appears to have transformed into glowing glass. Ayaka runs downstairs and informs everyone on her occult message board that she saw a glass maiden, but no one seems to believe her. Or at least, no one online does.

Episode 5: Episode 5

After police detectives JJ and Lawrence read Ayaka’s post about her glass maiden sighting, they decide to give Ayaka a little visit. Manami and Akira help Ayaka shoo the police away, but Lawrence orders JJ to keep a watch over their agency.   Porilyn has been told by her sponsor that she must meet with Kito, the man who turned Sara into a glass maiden. Porilyn isn’t about to walk into a hive’s nest without back-up, so she has Shu come along as her bodyguard.

Episode 6: Episode 6

Sara storms the building to rescue Manami and Ayaka. When Kito sees Sara fighting, he is ecstatic since he had thought she would be on the verge of death. Shu and Sara get into a gun fight against Kyrie and her subordinates while Kito and Porilyn continue their verbal battle.

Episode 7: Episode 7

After watching Sara get shot, Manami has decided she needs a gun if she’s seriously going to protect Sara. Unfortunately, no one in town is willing to sell her one!   Meanwhile, the SWAT has taken over the entire city.  Now they’re more determined than ever to find out what’s going on!

Episode 8: Episode 8

Sophie and JJ are recording the underground battle between the glass maidens and the SWAT.  Just as they finish gathering information, the battle comes to an end. Now there’s nothing to distract the guards and researchers from Sophie and JJ! In a desperate race to escape, the two get separated and Sophie gets caught.

Episode 9: Episode 9

Shu rushes Sophie to Happy Clinic, but there isn’t much Doc can do for her. Whatever Kito injected into Sophie is reacting poorly with Doc’s home-made suppressant. Sophie gives Lawrence her contacts, which contain evidence that Kito has been conducting illegal experiments.

Episode 10: Episode 10

After escaping to Porilyn’s bar, Ayaka and Manami decide to run by the pharmacy to get some medicine and bandages for the wounded Akira. They get caught by Kyrie on their way back to the bar and taken to the underground research facility.

Episode 11: Episode 11

Shu decides to give in to Kito’s demands and trades Sara for Ayaka and Manami. Lawrence discovers that Kito is going to blow up the nuclear waste processing plant and destroy all of Diver City.   Meanwhile, Shu manages to rescue Manami and Ayaka without actually going through with the trade.

Episode 12: Episode 12

Sara grabs onto the berserk BW-? and has Shu shoot through her. When her blood covers the monster, it is unable to rejuvenate and quickly turns into glass. Doc rushes into the research facility and begins cracking the security code so he can prevent the facility from exploding.


Episode 13 (2 min)

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