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Gourmet Girl Graffiti

After her grandmother’s passing, middle school student Ryo Machiko is not only living alone but has lost her appetite. This quickly changes when her cousin Kirin moves in. The meals they eat together are filled with love. With Ryo's friend, Shiina, joining in, their heartwarming halcyon days of meals begin! Won't you join us in experiencing these heartwarming moments when you're eating alone?

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: The First Dish "Piping hot and Savory."

Ryou, a young girl with a love for cooking, just can't seem to get the right flavors form her dishes. When her second cousin Kirin comes to stay with her, she helps Ryou discover the missing ingredient she's looking for.

Episode 2: The Second Dish "Fluffy and Moist."

Ryou takes Kirin to a neighborhood festival, which are different from what Kirin knows back home. As they enjoy Ryou's delicious bento with some new friends, Kirin and Ryou strengthen their family bond under the cherry blosson trees.

Episode 3: The Third Dish "Crunch and Melt."

Ryo, Kirin, and Shiina have fun talking about their favorite foods form manga and dramas. Ryo suddenly decides that she will try to make the famous soft cooked omelet rice from 3,000 Miles in Search of Omelet Rice, one of their favorite shows.

Episode 4: The Fourth Dish "Mellow and Crispy."

Ryou's class is off next week, which means that Kirin may not be able to come to Tokyo that day. If she doesn't make it, what will Ryou do to pass the time without her eating partner?

Episode 5: The Fifth Dish "Slurp and Gulp."

Ryuo and Kirin take a trip to Shiina's house for some Summer fun. Kirin's list is full of Summer-y activities, but will she be able to do them all before their vacation is over?

Episode 6: The Sixth Dish "Hot and Stretchy."

Ryou and Kirin try to beat the Summer heat in a variety of ways, but can't seem to find the right formula. Fortunately, Kirin's appetite is on the case!

Episode 7: The Seventh Dish "Sizzle and Pop."

Ryou and Kirin head out to Shiina's place for a cookout. It's Shiina and Kirin's way of thanking Ryou for all that she's done.

Episode 8: The Eighth Dish "Warm and Chomp."

Kirin is working on a special surprise for some very special friends. Later, Ryou's regular school has a field day full of fun activities and competitions.

Episode 9: The Ninth Dish "Bubble and Blow"

It's New Year's Ever, and while Shiina would much rather spend time with her friends, it is a long held tradition for her family to be together on this night.

Episode 10: The Tenth Dish "Chewy and Gooey."

The stress from getting ready for entrance exam's is finally catching up to Kirin. Ryuo decides to have a movie night to help her relax!

Episode 11: The Eleventh Dish "Swish-Swish and Slurp." and "Crisp and Glistening."

Ryou gets a mysterious package from her parents form overseas...and it smells distinctly Japanese! Kirin decides to make Ryou a late night study snack.

Episode 12: The Twelfth Dish "Soak Up and Squeeze."

It's graduation time! Machiko-san is walking today, and Morino is there to watch her. Shiina decides to bring them lunch.


Episode 13 (1 min)