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No Game No Life

Bored with life and considering it in the real world to be just a “crappy game,” savvy siblings Sora and Shiro have withdrawn into their own fantasy world filled with video games. It is because of this that they are summoned to another world by a boy calling himself “God.” It’s here in this world where Sora and Shiro’s abilities are put to the test. They are now in a world where their fate – and the fate of all humanity - is decided by game. Can they beat the hardest game they've ever played?

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Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Beginner

Sora and Shiro, a pair of anti social NEET gamer extraordinaires, suddenly find themselves in a new world where games decide every facet of life...something that they take to immediately.

Episode 2: Challenger

After inviting herself in, Sora and Shiro's new friend Steph makes a foolish bet that ends with Sora the victor. As the new king of Elkia is crowned, Steph details the fall of the Imanity race and her desperate struggle to prove her father, the former king, right.

Episode 3: Expert

With a new queen of Elkia abotu to be announced, Shiro steps in to take the reigns from her in the only way he know how: playing the game.

Episode 4: Grandmaster

A lively game of chess turns into something more, and after emerging victorious Shiro and Sora ascend up the tower of power once again.

Episode 5: Weak Square

Sora and Shiro have vacated the palace and have elected to live in a rundown shack. Steph begins to fear that they are not the saviors she thought they were, and challenges them to a number of games of "chance".

Episode 6: Interesting

Sora and Shiro challenge the Flugel Jibril in an epic game of shiritori, with the knowledge of two worlds at stake.

Episode 7: Sacrifice

Sora aims to challenge the mighty Warbeast empire, but soon learns that it may be a fruitless endeavor.

Episode 8: Fake End

Sora, Shiro, Steph and Jibril make their way to the Warbeast embassy to challenge them with a risky plan with even riskier stakes.

Episode 9: Sky Walk

Foul play is suspected when Sora is no where to be found after Shiro wakes up.

Episode 10: Blue Rose

Sora, Shiro and the rest prepare themselves for a game with the Warbeasts through trust excercises and cunning strategy. the stakes are high, but sora, as always, has a plan.

Episode 11: Killing Giant

Izuna, though powerful, has been matched in game play. This first person shooter will test their limits in virtual space. As tension flares, friendly fire becomes eminent.

Episode 12: Rule Number 10

Izuna's abilities seem to defy physics leaving Sora and Shiro only one option… RUN!


Episode 13 (1 min)


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