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Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! -

Middle school girl Momoka is dragged into joining one of the strangest associations at her school, the Survival Game Club. Its members participate in various forms of paramilitary training under the watchful eye of charming and alarming president, Miou. How on Earth will the inexperienced Momoka survive her training, let alone Miou's company?!

Action Comedy Supernatural

Episodes (12)

Episode 1: Joining a Club! / Weren't You Joining? I Lied! / I Wanted to Have a Real Survival Game

Momoka transfers to Aogiri High School and feels obligated to join a school club to fit in. She spots Miou, the Sabagebu club president in the hallway and trails her to her club. Miou learns that Momoka is a natural shot and has her join the club.

Episode 2: The Pigtail's Trap/ Psychological Training/ Silent Kill or Die

Urara feels that Momoka is creating distance between her and Miou so she tries to make Momoka miserable. Momoka on the other hand flips the script on her and finds out that she has a knack for dishing out punishment.

Episode 3: Here She Comes! The Female Walking Disaster Makes Her Entrance!!

Momoka arrives at the club room to find the other members in a state of dread. She soon learns why whe the club adviser (a.k.a. "Miss Calamity") arrives with a task for the club: Eliminate a hornet nest.

Episode 4: Fateful (Laughs)BoyMeets Girl LOL/ The Pig Who Laughs at the Will to Lose Weight/ Platy in My House

Momoka bites off more than she can chew when she challenges a video game champion at his own game. Her impulsiveness leads to a new desire for sweets and a fascination to find out why Platy is staying at her house.

Episode 5: Ascension?! Silent Survival/ The Pigtails that Never Dies/ The Crusade - Ragnarok Between an Angel and a Devil

Miou dresses up divinely and makes an important announcement to the survival game club. Meanwhile, Urara finds herself in a stinky situation and Momoka finds out that decisions really are hard to make.

Episode 6: Student Body President Yayoi Isurugi Gets Revenge/ A Battle with Ridiculously Little Honor

The student body president Yayoi Isurugi grows to despise Miou and vows to get revenge on her. No matter how hard she tries to beat Miou, some how Miou is there to lend a hand and defy Yayoi's plans.

Episode 7: Hunting Club!/ Boys will be boys/ HENTAI Pervert

The girls find that getting a hunting license is not easy. The club dress as boys to avoid being given a hard time at the survival game and Momoka pays the price. Urara tries to regain face by catching the pervert that is lurking on school grounds.

Episode 8: Snow White Defense Force/ The Silver Huntresses. Maya Falls

Momoka gets a taste of what it's like to be a model. There is the thrill of the Cameras, the high from attention and the fear of panty shots! Maya learns about rabid fans the hard way in a chilling match with another survival game club.

Episode 9: Story of the Platy-Dog / The Pool Closest to Heaven / MAD Grannies X

Momoka takes Platy to a trendy dog cafe. Can he pull off the disguise? A relaxing swim turns into a nightmare for Maya, Urara and Kayo. Don't their old age fool you! The Senior Survival Game Team is out for blood.

Episode 10: Treasure Hunters/ The Sad Idol/ Steal the Victory Point

Momoka takes the club on a treasure hunt in the hopes that she will find money. An idol with an eating problem goes to the Survival Game Club to lose weight. An invisible foe starts picking off the girls when they get lost in a jungle.

Episode 11: Too Much Glam/ Absolute Cinderella/ The Red Sooting Star

Momoka unwittingly causes a terrible misunderstanding at a cell phone decorations shop. Her greed is boundless when she tries to swindle an old man by becoming a false Cinderella. Platy gets into the fight of his life to save... a crab?!

Episode 12: Farewell, Friends! The Survival Game Club's Final Day! / From the Survival Game Club with Love

Momoka catches a new virus. Now secret government organizations are out to get her! It's up to the Survival Game Club friends to protect Momoka. The girls want to throw a special surprise birthday party for Urara. Can they pull it off?


Episode 13 (1 min)


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